Our Story


In the past few years the terms natural and organic have been used a lot and are now quite famous among the millennial because of increasing thought of being of healthy. The demand of organic products is increasing majorly due to health benefits, avoiding of chemical usage and organic changing patterns of lifestyle and food consumption patterns. Individuals are making themselves aware of health-ways of living, Smarter consumers prefer to healthy food than to spend on medical treatments. The constant checks made on organic products use of composed manure reduce the chances of various diseases. Being high on nutritional level, Organic food is healthier and fresher as compared to conventional food. Organic products have high levels of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants than conventional food grown with the fertilizers. An organic diet excludes toxic chemicals and genetically modified organ- isms(GMO) as chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used while growing the crop Organic farming is environment-saving farming.

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote a healthier and more sustainable world by providing high-quality organic food products that nourish and delight consumers while preserving the environment. Dr.Vivek - CEO Of Vivek and Pure

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading organic food manufacturing company committed to producing nutritious, safe, and delicious organic food products. We aim to achieve this by: Organic Excellence: We strive to source the finest organic ingredients, ensuring our products are free from harmful pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and synthetic additives. We maintain the highest standards of organic certification to offer pure and authentic food choices to our customers. Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship: We prioritize sustainable practices throughout our entire supply chain, from responsible farming methods to eco-friendly packaging solutions. We aim to minimize our ecological footprint, conserve natural resources, and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and a healthier planet. Health and Wellness: We are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of individuals and communities by producing nutritious organic food options. Our products are crafted to provide essential nutrients, support a balanced diet, and contribute to overall vitality, without compromising taste or quality. Transparency and Consumer Trust: We believe in building strong relationships with our customers based on trust, transparency, and integrity. We provide clear and accurate information about our products, including sourcing, production processes, and certifications, empowering consumers to make informed choices about the food they consume. Innovation and Continuous Improvement: We embrace innovation to develop new organic food products that meet evolving consumer preferences and dietary needs. We invest in research and development to enhance our production methods, optimize nutritional profiles, and discover innovative ways to minimize waste and maximize sustainability. Community Engagement: We actively engage with local communities, supporting initiatives that promote organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and healthy lifestyles. We aim to create positive social impact by collaborating with farmers, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to foster knowledge sharing, empowerment, and the growth of organic food movements. By aligning our vision and mission, we aspire to be a catalyst for positive change in the food industry, inspiring others to embrace organic, sustainable, and health-conscious choices for a better future. Dr.Vivek - CEO Of Vivek and Pure.